Kostenloser Versand innerhalb der Schweiz

General Terms and Conditions


For all the delivery from Ponti GMBH Terms and Conditions have to be applied.


The purchase contract is within the Ponti GMBH. Our service client centre is avaible on workdays from 9am until 5pm for any questions or complains by email: ponti.mode@bluewin.ch

Demand and formation of a contract

a) The presentation of products in our online shop is no legally binding. Ist a demand note. Omissions excepted.

b) With choosing the order botton in your last step you will have binding booking with your things in your shopping cart. The purchase contract will be achieved right away you when you get an email confirmation after your purchase.


a) In our prices in our online shops the sales tax and other price componet have already been added.

b) You will find the shipping charges in the shopping cart or ordersite.


a) We can just delivery our goods to our listed countries which you will find in our ordersite.

b) You will get your delivery as soon as possible.


We will just accept the method of payment which will be demostrated.


Until we recieve the whole payment the goods remain our property.


a) We guarantee you that the goods will be until the time of transfer free of defects. Which means that the goods are suitable for the intended under the contract or is suitable for normal use, and has a texture that is usual with things of the same type and which the customer had the type of item and / or the announcement of our can expect the manufacturer. Characteristics of the goods according to our specifications, labeling or advertising to companies belong only to the agreed condition, when specifically stated in the offer, confirmed in writing by us or is indicated in the order confirmation.

b) In case of an defect, ist your choice, the legal demands of subsequent performance (rectification or replacement). The notice period is 1 week after delivery. The remedy may be refused if it is only possible with disproportionate costs. The cancellation is excluded if the defect is negligible.


Exclusive jurisdiction is the court of our business office where the customer is a merchant according to the Commercial Code or a public corporation. We have the right to sue the customer wherever he is based.


Should individual provisions of this contract not be legally effective or later lose their legal validity, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.